Covid19: “Contingency Situation” Measures

Specific measures have just been announced to enter into force on September 15th, date as of which Portugal will enter into a “Contingency Situation”.

  1. Measures applied in mainland Portugal:

  • Gatherings limited to 10 people;
  • Commercial establishments cannot open before 10am (with exceptions);
  • Closing hours of establishments between 8 pm and 11 pm by decision of the Municipality;
  • In shopping center catering areas, maximum limit of 4 people per group;
  • Prohibition on selling alcoholic beverages at service stations and, after 8 pm, in all establishments (except meals);
  • Prohibition of consumption of alcoholic beverages on public roads;
  • Return to classes in person between September 14th and 17th;
  • At restaurants, cafes and pastry shops located 300 meters from schools, maximum limit of 4 people per group;
  • Adaptation of the functioning of schools to the new health reality;
    • Contingency plans in all schools;
    • Distribution of Individual Protection Equipment;
    • Reference of action in case of suspected case, positive case or outbreaks.
  • Sports venues remain without an audience

2. Measures applied in Metropolitan Areas:

  • Rotation teams:
    • Rotation scales between telework and face-to-face work.
  • Mandatory time lag:
    • Differentiated arrival and departure times;
    • Different times for breaks and meals.
  • Reduction of commuting movements.

TFRA shall update the information on this flash whenever justified.
Please note that the information contained in this document is of a generic nature and does not exempt, therefore, the analysis of the specific case, nor the consultation of the official documentation and legislation in force at any time.

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