Pro Bono

Aware of the social environment in which it operates, TFRA seeks to play an active role in the society being involved in social and cultural activities aimed to provide underprivileged institutions with access to the legal defence and promotion of their rights and interests.

TFRA provides free legal services to social welfare institutions, furthering the human and social development of its lawyers and providing access to law to the less privileged.

Associação Nariz Vermelho

TFRA is proud to cooperate with Operação Nariz Vermelho Association – – IPSS operating in the area of health. This initiative consists of a continuous program of visits by professional clowns to children’s wards of Portuguese hospitals. In close collaboration with health professionals, the clowns give short performances adapted to each child and particular situations.

As well as enjoyment, the performances contribute to improving the children’s quality of life and often to their health as well, by stimulating their healthy side and making their hospital stay a more pleasant experience.

The project visits 13 hospitals a week and its work has been recognised with the award in 2009 of the Portuguese Parliament’s Human Rights Prize and a Diploma of Merit from Portugal’s Medical Association in 2006.

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