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TFRA hold on deposit the Teixeira de Freitas Collection, a contemporary art collection that is mainly focused on the last two decades and on emerging artists. The collection also includes a group of artists and historical works from the 60s and 70s that serve as a historical matrix for the varied themes and concepts of the collection. The main focus of the collection is works that develop themes related to architecture. Still, other themes are also worked in the collection, such as literature, writing, contemporary painting and drawing.
Together with this collection, TFRA is also the depository of a collection of artist books, special and ephemeral editions that has more than 1000 works.
Since 2017 TFRA has supported the annual program of Taffimai, a publisher of artist books, multiple, and special editions, whose main focus is to support artistic productions and develop independent projects. The Janela Taffimai was born in parallel with the editorial project, consisting of an experimental space where a window is used as a space for artistic intervention. The Janela Taffimai is located in the heart of the Madragoa neighborhood in Lisbon, in the Limbo window, a plant and ceramics store. The program has 6 to 8 artist commissions per year.


Obelisco Transportable

2004Damián OrtegaKurimanzutto


2005Juan AraujoGaleria Elba Benitez

Blind Cities

-Pedro Cabrita ReisCortesia do artista


2005Juan AraujoCortesia Galeria Elba Benitez

Copenhagen – New York – Berlin

2003Michael Elmgreen & ingar DragsetCortesia do Artista

Miracolo Italiano

2005Damián OrtegaKurimanzutto

Sem título

2007Armando Andrade TudelaCarl Freedman Gallery

Mesa de Obstáculos

2005Armando Andrade TudelaCarl Freedman Gallery

Escultura Ligeira (Los Goonies)

2007Armando Andrade TudelaCortesia Carl Freedman Gallery

Impossible rectilinear

2006Nuno Souza VieiraGaleria Graça Brandão

Ovos de Colombo

2008João Maria Gusmão e Pedro PaivaCortesia Galeria Graça Brandão

Sem Título

2002Sabine HornigGalerie Barbara Thumm

Living inside my drawers

2006Diango HernandezCortesia Alexander & Bonin

Autoflagelacion, Supervivencia Insubordinacion

2003Carlos GaraicoaGaleria Continua

Palácio das Indústrias

2003Luísa LambriStudio Guenzani

Amor e ódio a Lygia Clark

2001Marcelo CidadeGaleria Vermelho

Sem Título

2006Nuno Souza VieiraGaleria Graça Brandão

Silent City

2004Jorge MacchiCortesia do artista


2000Catherine OpieStudio Guenzani

My birds don’t want to come back

2006Diango HernandezAlexander & Bonin

Un Charco de Sangre

2001Jorge MacchiGaleria Luísa Strina

Untitled (Banco da Boavista) #1

2003Luísa LambriStudio Guenzani

Untitled (Barragen House, #22)

2005Luísa LambriStudio Guenzani


2004Carlos GaraicoaGaleria Continua


2001Marcelo CidadeGaleria Vermelho

Caixas de Água

2006 Pedro Motta Galeria Luísa Strina

Camelback Parking Ramp

2001Rita McBrideMai 36 Galerie

Sem título

2000Iran do Espírito SantoCortesia Galeria Fortes Vilaça

Light Bridge

2002Carlos GaraicoaGaleria Continua


2003 Simon Starlin Neugerriemschneider

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