Practice Areas

TFRA’s interdisciplinary team of lawyers is committed to permanently upgrading its skills. Our lawyers cover almost every area of business law, including: Corporate and Commercial Law; Tax Law; Banking, Financial and Capital Markets; Labor Law; Maritime and Transportation Law; Real Estate, Planning, Construction and Tourism Law; and Public Procurement. Also deal with dispute resolutions, arbitration cases and Intelectual Property & Data Protection.

Corporate and Commercial Law

We provide consultancy services for all domestic and international companies operating in Portugal, covering every aspect of their business activities, including setting up subsidiaries, branch offices and joint ventures, as well as negotiating shareholder and joint venture agreements;

We provide advice on company acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions, conversions, restructuring, partnerships and other corporate procedures;

We support companies in negotiating, preparing and signing contracts, including purchasing, distribution and agency contracts; the licensing of industrial property and authorship rights; franchising; technology transfers; leasing; factoring; import/export and telecommunications.

Tax Law

We provide consultancy services to local and international companies operating in Portugal in relation to both Portuguese taxation and the tax jurisdictions of other Portuguese-speaking countries;

We provide support for optimising corporate restructuring procedures, including mergers, acquisitions and real estate transactions;

Litigation and Fiscal Arbitration;

We assist companies with investment projects based in the Madeira International Business Center, using our extensive experience in the setting up and operation of holding companies by non-residents, as well as in the interpretation and application of double taxation agreements.

Banking, Finance and Capital Markets

We assist banks and other Portuguese and international financial institutions with current and structured banking operations, including credit purchasing and financing, both syndicated or simple; company acquisition finance and finance for the construction and/or acquisition of ships or for other projects;

We help companies with stock exchange operations and over-the-counter deals, including share offering, admissions for trading, securities lending, repurchase operations, futures and options, repackaging, swaps and warrants, as well as with securities financing operations, structured finance deals and regulatory duties.

Labor Law

We provide support to human resources departments in the pre-selection, selection, negotiation and contracting of personnel as well as with fiscal planning and remuneration package management;

We help companies draw up work contracts;

We also provide expertise for resolving labor conflicts, both out of court and through litigation.

Real estate, Planning, Construction and Tourism Law

We provide support for planning and setting up of real estate projects, acquisitions and sales and well as for the preparation and revision of real estate contracts;

We assist in the preparation, structuring and follow up on a day-to-day basis of urban planning operations;

We provide assistance and legal advice in contracts relating to the use of shops in shopping malls, business centers and retail parks.

We give legal advice on financing and tax benefits in regard to the strategic planning, licensing, commercialisation and operation of hotels and tourism resorts.

Public Procurement

We provide companies with pre-contractual support to determine the best public contracting procedures to adopt in relation to legal limits and protected interests designated by the Adjudicating Entities;

We provide full support for completing public contracting procedure, including the preparation and/or revision of each procedural step made by the Adjudicating Entities, as well as support for the presentation of proposals by the competing parties;

We negotiate public contracting agreements and their subsequent implementation;

We provide extra-judicial assistance and whenever it proves impossible to reach a mutual agreement between the parties we also provide judicial assistance.

Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

We represent clients in litigation cases in the several different areas of law, drawing on interdisciplinary teams that guarantee the right level of expertise whatever the complexity of the issues and the specificities involved;

We represent clients in arbitration cases, reflecting the increasing trend for using this alternative method for resolving litigation, given its clear advantages of simplicity, rapid decision-making and confidentiality;

We assist clients using other alternative means for resolving litigation cases, with special emphasis on and specialisation in mediation, given that it is particularly suited to becoming one of the main alternative procedures, given its special advantages in terms of both efficiency and cost.

Intelectual Property & Data Protection

Assistance in planning and implementing individual compliance programs concerning data protection rules:

Definition of rules and procedures regarding the processing of personal data (human resources, recruitment, sensitive data processing, data retention, data breaches, among others);

Assistance in the definition of new technology-based business models and advising on the launching of new services;

Assistance in the evaluation, transaction, licensing and enforcement of copyright, trademarks and patents.

Private Clients

TFRA has a team of lawyers with vast experience in diverse practice areas dedicated to render legal assistance to Private Clients,

Namely in matters related to the acquisition of citizenship and obtainment of residence permits, including processes of the so-called “Golden Visa” and the “Non-Habitual Tax Residents Regime”.

Private Clients may also benefit from specialized assistance on aspects related to their personal assets, namely in what concerns tax, inheritance and estate management.

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